Meet Our Members

Let us introduce you to DRAW's 2020 Champion horse/rider teams


Driving Champion

Meet Fox Valley Adena and her driver, Amy Broadie. This adopted off-the-track mare taught Amy to drive and represents the underestimated standarbred breed gracefully. Amy loves introducing her on the trail, usually having to say something like: "no, this is not a giant mustang..." (track STBs have neck tattoos). This was their first year of distance driving.


Versatility Champion

This is Ella N Fires Jane Doe and her rider, Lori Windows. Ella is 3/4 Arab and 1/4 Saddlebred and the daughter of the great Charoitsoffire. Ella was a give away horse 12 years ago to a very lucky Lori. Although she has 6,000 miles, 10 100 miles, 3 National Champion BC's and is a National Champion War Mare, Lori decided to downsize last season. The results were quite a surprise.


Endurance Champion Senior

Meet Adrihanna Z and her rider, Ann Marie Barnett. A12-year-old Arabian mare, she had a failed career as a halter horse but found the sport of endurance.  2020 was their second year competing in Endurance and they completed over 450 miles including two one-day 100s!!


Limited Distance Champion Senior

This is Lady Jane and her rider, Roberta Harms. Jane is an unregistered part Arab and will be 21 years old this year. Jane and Roberta participated in Endurance until 2018 when they switched to Limited Distance. Jane is a very steady horse that many riders have enjoyed following to calm their own overly-excited horse. They do not often start out in front, but are almost always in the placings on each ride and at year end.


Competitive Trail Champion Senior

Introducing Mombo Number Five, aka Bo, and his rider, Tracy Johnson. Bo is a 13-year old purebred Arabian. Having competed in Endurance, Limited Distance and Competitive Trail during their 5 year career, 2020 was a breakthrough year as they swept the Competitive division placing 1st in DRAW, UMECRA and AHDRA.


Novice Champion

This is 9-year old Baylyn Seer and 8-year old Riley Hennig. Baylyn is an Arabian. This is their first year in team competition, although they have been together for a few years around home. Their goal for next season is to ride all 25 miles (and maybe a 50)!